Project Team


The project team for the Big Thompson River Corridor Master Plan has a proven track record of successful stream corridor master planning, most recently working together on the Big Cry Creek Recreation and Floodplain Master Plan in Thornton, which has many similarities to the Big Thompson Corridor through Loveland. Dr. Andrew Earles, P.E. of Wright Water Engineers, Inc. (WWE) will lead the team, and THK and Matrix Design Group will form the core of the project team along with WWE.  The key people from these three firms, Andrew Earles of WWE, Kevin Shanks and Brandon Parsons of THK, and Scott Schreiber, P.E. of Matrix, have worked together on projects along the Front Range for nearly 10-years, and we have found that our firms complement each other very well, allowing each firm to focus on tasks for which they have the greatest strength and expertise.


Our team will also provide a “fresh set of eyes” to look at the stream corridor. This is valuable because it will provide a degree of quality assurance and peer review as we integrate information from previous studies into a cohesive master plan. We will learn from the good work conducted by others, but we will also bring new ideas and a holistic planning and engineering approach to help to transform the river corridor into a vital resource for the community.