Reach fact sheets

During the planning process, a site analysis and inventory was conducted to understand and document the extents of the project. In order to do this, the Big Thompson River was looked at in smaller sections called "reaches" to understand the character of the river at a more appropriate scale. This method of planning provides a holistic and comprehensive understanding of what the Big Thompson River has to offer so we can effectively plan for the future of the river. 

Below is an overview of the reaches through the 9-mile stretch of the Big Thompson River in Loveland. 

Resiliency Assessment Overview With Labels-01.jpg

Click on any reach image below for more information on that segment of the Big Thompson River. 


Reach 29

Morey Wildlife Reserve

MM 87.7 to Rossum Drive


Reach 30

Rossum - Namaqua

Rossum Drive to Namaqua Avenue


Reach 31

Namaqua - Wilson

Namaqua Avenue to Wilson Avenue


Reach 32

Wilson - Taft

Wilson Avenue to Taft Avenue


Reach 33

Taft - Railroad

Taft Avenue to Railroad Avenue


Reach 34

Fairgrounds Park

Railroad Avenue to Lincoln Avenue


Reach 35

Lincoln - St. Louis

Lincoln Avenue (Hwy 287) to St. Louis Avenue


Reach 36

St. Louis - Boise

St. Louis Avenue to Boise Avenue (CR 11)


Reach 37

Boise - CR 9E

Boise Avenue (CR 11) to CR 9E


Reach 38

Downstream of CR 9E


The following is a list of terms that will be found within the Reach Fact Sheets.

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